Second Meeting

A summary of this month’s Open Science Meeting:

  1. We had a brief report about Eric’s meeting at the research subcommittee, which resulted in the subcommittee fully endorsing our goals and plans. Eric was also invited to present to the Academic Committee’s retreat in November. He will likely give an introduction to preregistration at the retreat.
  2. Abbey Nydam discussed the differences between “reproducible,” “replicable,” “robust,” and “generalisable. (A table appears in Eric’s slides on the website)
  3. Faye Nitschke gave a workshop on p-curves.  She provided background on why they are useful, particularly when you want to consider the evidentiary value of a group of studies. She also gave a live demo of a p-curve analysis using the tool at
  4. Eric Vanman summarised a presentation by Daniel Läkens at the SIPS 2017 meeting on how to decide what our effect size is before we have collected the data.
  5. We then discussed what our next steps should be.  Someone volunteered to take us through GitHub and other code/data sharing sites at the next meeting, but we would still like to have presentations on best practices on data management practices and workflow at future meetings. Please contact Eric if you could give a workshop on this or another topic of interest to the group.

Other ideas/actions to consider:

  • bring along at least one new person to come to the November Open Science Meeting.
  • Students can invite their supervisors to go through pre-registration of a study together (or view one that has been created)
  • develop a statement of open science for the School that state some basic tenets, and then invite people to sign it. It is possible that the University’s own research integrity statement and training might overlap with this, so we will need to have someone compare and contrast that work with our planned statement.
  • We are still interested in ways of contacting people interested in open science in other units at UQ (or outside the university) to take part. We would also like to work with the university research office on mutual interests.

As a final note, we welcome anyone who wants to take more of a leadership role on any of our vague plans. Also, if there’s an activity that would like to work on, but don’t want to be a leader, that’s ok too.  Just let Eric know!

Next Open Science [Psychology] Meeting is Wednesday, 15 November, 4:00-5:15 pm. Please put it in your calendar today!

First meeting of Open Science [Psychology]